About Us

DENIZAN is so simple even your Grandma can use it to increase visitors on her blog,website,business pages Step 1) Create Your Account - it's Free! Sign up and add your website As a new member, you get 0 bonus points to get started. Assign some points (e.g. 5, 10, 15 etc.) to your website for other users to visit your website or follow you. Points are deducted from your account whenever your website receives a new visitor or somebody follows you. Step 2) Attract Users Points assigned to your website are crucial as Denizan users prefer to visit websites that offer more points. Assign more points to attract more visitors and display your website, profile or messages on top in search results. Step 3) Earn Points Your website, profile and messages are visible on Denizan as long as you have points in your account. Visit other websites listed on Denizan, to earn free points. You can also purchase points pack to boost your account instantly.