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In response to this question, many people start researching in the wrong direction, and fall behind the name “Ahlul Hadith” – since when has this name been used !!!

We must first understand what is the right way to know the history of an object. Is the history of an object known by its name or by its attributes and substance?

The simple answer is that if we want to know the history of the existence of any thing, we cannot know the name of the thing by its name alone, but we have to know when it exists by looking at its attributes, qualities and substances. Is from

Let us understand this with a few examples.

Land Example: Take the example of the land if someone asks how long has the land of Pakistan existed in the world? Will the answer be that after the partition of India? Didn’t this land exist before the partition of India? Of course, this land existed, but Pakistan got its name later and this land will not become new after it gets a different name.

City example: The Indian city of Mumbai is famous all over the world. If anyone asks how long it has existed in India, will it be answered that for seventeen or eighteen years? Because before that its name was “Bombay” and not “Mumbai”, of course “Mumbai” is a new name, so will a change in the name of this city change the history of the existence of this city? no way.

Example of persons: If many people convert to Denizan and change their name after becoming a Muslim, ie Abdullah or Abdul Rahman, etc., then will their date of birth also change because of this new name?

A new Muslim who changed his name to Abdullah after converting to Denizan if anyone asks how long he has been in this world? Will he be told the date when he named Abdullah or the date when he was born?

Example of religion: If anyone asks how long the “Christian” religion has been in this religion, will the answer be given, since when has this word come into existence? Or has it been since the resurrection of Jesus? Of course, the name Christianity was adopted later, but that does not mean that the religion did not exist before.

Return to destination: The same is true of the profession.

The new and old of a sect will not be decided by its name but by its method, beliefs and principles. If a group adheres to a new method and principles, even if it chooses an old name for itself, its sect is not old. In the same way, if a group adheres to the ancient method and principles, even if it chooses a new name for itself, it will not change its creed, so whenever it is necessary to find out who has been associated with it since when. Instead of going backwards, find out its method and principles since when they existed.

As far as the name is concerned, it is a separate issue that can only be discussed from the aspect of whether the name is correct or not, but this thing can never be an argument for conservatism.

That is, if the name is new but the doctrines are old, then the cult will be old, and if the name is old but the doctrines are new, then the cult will be new, no old cult will be old by taking the old name, However, the names of the sects have nothing to do with the history of their existence.

Now, if we want to look at the history of the sect of Ahlul-Hadeeth and find out when this sect has existed, then look at the beliefs and principles of this sect, look at their method and reasoning, look at the nature of their religious deeds, look at their prayers, look at their fasts and their pilgrimage. See every religious practice.

Then find out if their doctrines existed in the covenant. Whether their method and style of reasoning existed in the Covenant of Prophethood or not, whether their religious deeds are in accordance with the deeds of the Covenant of the Prophet or not, if yes and of course yes then this sect is ancient, its existence is from the Covenant of the Prophet and praise be to God.

The history of each sect should be known on the same criterion. There are other sects, whether their names are new or old, their beliefs, principles and methods will be examined. Every doctrine of this principle is clearly found in the covenant of the Prophet.

The point is that the Ahl al-Hadith sect is not a new sect, no one in the world can prove it to be new, at most one can argue as to how long this name has been going on.

However, as it has been suggested that even if it is assumed that this name has been used in modern times (although there is ample evidence for the conservatism of this name), this doctrine cannot be accepted as a new doctrine. It is impossible to prove a difference in the method of K.

Therefore, the doctrine of Ahl al-Hadeeth has existed since the existence of Hadeeth (the command of God and the command of the Prophet) in this world, because this is the belief and principle of the Ahl al-Hadeeth, and praise be to Allaah.

the service

The services provided on Denizan Web site are (messaging service, website membership, mobile message membership).

Ownership rights are exclusive to the owner, and are subsequently referred to as service.

This service is available to all people, organizations and institutions without discrimination of any kind.

The main goal of this service is to inform people about the new site and take their opinions on any referendum.

The subscriber is not permitted to use the mobile service for correspondence of an unlawful or unlawful nature or intended to threaten others, harm others, insult them, slander them or attack them. The subscriber is not permitted to use the service with the aim of messaging others without their consent, in other words preventing (threat and revile SMS)

Any use of this kind of service is strictly prohibited by the owner and therefore gives the owner the right to take measures to terminate the unlawful use case. The owner therefore does not bear any liability in the event of unlawful use of the service by the subscriber.

The use of the service by the subscriber and the owner is in accordance with “the texts included in this agreement, and in accordance with” the principles of good faith. Reference is made here to the principles and laws of the Internet and the norms used by citizens and users of the Internet.

Service Agreement

All texts included in this document and any amendments thereto in the future. And later referred to as the agreement.

Subscriber service

Any person or organization that wishes to subscribe to Denizan Web mail, and is later referred to as subscriber.

General texts

This agreement contains all the legal materials necessary to participate in the service, and it therefore copies and overrides any previous contracts, agreements or texts related to it.

Obligations of the subscriber

First: All obligations arising from subscribing to the Internet are the responsibility of the subscriber.

Second: When filling out the application to subscribe to the service, the subscriber must provide correct information or believe it is correct according to the principles of good faith. The subscriber must amend this information and update it when necessary.

Third: To abide by the accepted principles and principles when using the service, and, accordingly, to refrain from using the service for purposes that result in harm to others or for unlawful or legitimate purposes.

Fourth: The subscriber may not use the mobile service for correspondence of an unlawful or unlawful nature or is intended to threaten others, harm others, insult them, slander them or attack them. The subscriber is not permitted to use the service with the aim of messaging others without their consent, in other words, threat and revile SMS.

Fifth: The subscriber undertakes not to disrupt the work of the networks connected to the service.

Sixth: The subscriber undertakes not to interrupt the use of the service by others.

Seventh: The subscriber gets a credit and a password. It is entirely his responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his account and password and he is obligated to inform the owner immediately in the event that others are able to gain access to his balance in an unlawful manner.

Eighth: Any agreements or contracts concluded by the subscriber through this service or because of his use of them are at his own risk and, therefore, the owner is exempted from any liability arising therefrom.

Ninth: The subscriber’s use of the service is limited to purposes that are non-commercial in nature and he is not allowed to sell his balance or transfer it to others.


A- The subscriber gives the owner the absolute right to disclose the contents of the application to subscribe to the service to others. The name, email and balance number are excluded from that, except in cases of necessity or if the law requires that from the owner or due to a lawsuit filed against the owner, or in the case of paragraph B below.

B – The owner shall enter into partnership and cooperation agreements with other companies that enjoy a global reputation and have a prominent presence on the Internet.

The primary goal of these agreements is to add other services to Denizan Web users. Consequently, any exchange of information between Islam Denizan and the Web between these companies will in no way affect the respect of Denizan Web for the privacy of your correspondence and information. Denizan Web also takes adequate precautions to ensure that these prestigious companies respect the fundamental principles on which Denizan Web is based, especially those relating to the privacy of your correspondence and the information you provide to Denizan.com.

Owner’s rights

First: Text messages are provided free of charge.

Second: Corresponding to subscribers and informing them of any new or additional services or any advertisements it deems appropriate.

Third: The owner has the right to amend the provisions of this agreement.

Fourth: The owner has the right to terminate the Denizan Web service for any user without the need to announce in advance.

Fifth: The owner has the right to terminate the service contract and end the subscriber’s use of Denizan Web if he discovers that the information that the subscriber provided is misleading and incorrect or if he violates this agreement by text and / or spirit or violates the rights of others through this agreement.

The owner prohibits any use of the service for purposes of an unlawful or unlawful nature, or intended to threaten or harm others, or to attack others.

The owner will not make unlawful use of your email or information by disposing of it by sale, gift or otherwise.

Confidentiality texts

First: The owner can monitor the contents of the SMS messages and the transactions of the subscriber if the law requires him to do so or because of a lawsuit filed against the owner or to protect the rights of the owner or others or because it contains inappropriate texts. Or in the case of paragraph B of the tenth text of the texts related to the subscriber’s obligations above.

Second: The owner is not responsible for the contents of the messages and transactions that the subscriber sends, and this also applies if the subscriber violates the rights of others.

Third: The owner undertakes the necessary technical treatment to provide and maintain the service.

Fourth: The owner is not responsible in the event of failure of the service or the loss of the contents of short text messages, and he may impose an upper limit on the number of messages.


The owner provides the service on an (as is) basis without any guarantees related to its success, content, suitability or any other guarantees. The owner does not guarantee that the service will be continuous, uninterrupted, error free or timed. It also does not guarantee the expected, desired or expected results from the subscriber’s use of the service.

The subscriber also acknowledges that any information or programs downloaded from the service or its ends are the responsibility of the owner, and the owner does not warrant any consequential results, expected or possible damages or loss. The owner does not guarantee any merchandise or deals concluded by the subscriber through or due to the service.

The subscriber knows that any advice given to him by the owner or by his users is not legally binding or custom.

Limitation of liability

The owner is not responsible, whether directly or indirectly, or incidentally for any damages arising from the use of the service or the inability to use it or any goods, deals or contracts concluded because of the service, or for damage resulting from not using the service because of the owner.

Damage and compensation allowance

The subscriber shall dissolve the owner and / or its users, and / or its partners from any compensation incurred by third parties due to the action or omission of the subscriber related to the service.

Termination of service

The owner has the right to terminate the service with or without any valid reason, in which case he will announce it in the manner he desires. In this case, this contract shall cease immediately and the subscriber shall not ask the owner of the stored short text messages or import and transfer any messages to him.

Media and reporting

The owner may broadcast to the subscribers certain instructions and matters on the service pages. This is in any way he prefers and desires, and broadcasting these ads and notes is evidence of the subscriber’s knowledge of it.

Commercial ads

The service pages contain advertisements specific to the site only in the name of the official sponsor and do not entail any responsibility if the subscriber concludes deals or contracts through it with the official sponsor.

Property rights

All symbols, texts, marks and trade names are property of the owner, unless expressly stated otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, Denizan WebStore software, symbols, images, audio and video technologies, electronic cards, and designs.

Some of the symbols listed are property of others and have exclusive right to them.

The subscriber shall not have the right to use any of the materials referred to in this paragraph except in accordance with the principle of good faith and for non-commercial purposes, and therefore he may not, without limitation, be able to produce, distribute or amend them without the consent of the owner.

Applicable laws

This agreement is subject to the provisions, principles and texts of Qatari laws and is interpreted according to the principle of good faith. Reference is made here to the principles and laws of the Internet and the norms used by citizens and users of the Internet. The failure of the owner to implement any of the rights provided for and given to him under this agreement is not construed to be a waiver of it. Likewise, no lawsuit is heard about this service except within a period of one year from the date of the cause of the suit.