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In New York, if you were hurt in a construction accident, you need a law company with a lot of expertise and a track record of success. We have obtained more than $500,000,000 for accident victims and their families at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. Our New York construction accident lawyers have established a solid reputation as aggressive litigators and negotiators who will do all it takes to get the best possible outcomes for our clients.


We are a law practise that has established a reputation for aggressively addressing construction accident claims in New York and for streamlining the legal process by pursuing all available legal options to ensure that our clients receive the highest financial compensation possible. For your workers’ compensation claim, personal injury lawsuit, Social Security disability claim, appeals, and any other legal issues resulting from your workplace accident, this means that you only need to work with one company.


David Perecman, one of New York’s most seasoned and accomplished construction accident trial lawyers, formed our business. He has long given presentations on New York’s legislation defending construction workers to other lawyers at the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). He attained this position via years of expertise and unmatched achievement.


All of our attorneys have a great deal of experience handling cases involving construction accidents, such as those involving falls from great heights, accidents involving ladders, scaffolds, cranes, falling objects, trips and falls on construction sites, slips and falls on construction sites, accidents involving power tools like saws, and accidents involving falling objects.


We have a team of engineers and safety specialists for building sites, as well as an ex-cop who is now an investigator. Our extensive history of multi-million dollar judgements and settlements is a result of our demonstrated abilities in managing cases involving construction accidents.


For a free assessment of your case, get in touch with us immediately. While we work on your case, there are no costs due from you. In actuality, you only have to pay us if we are successful in getting you a settlement or a verdict for compensation.

Maximum Results for Injured Construction Workers is Our Track Record

  • Our staff investigates every potential source of compensation in situations involving construction accidents, then fights for the greatest recovery possible. Our prominent instances include the following:
  • A union sheet metal worker who fell while completing duct repair received a jury verdict of $15,208,168.
  • Union driver receives $12,000,000 in settlement after falling from a ladder connected to a truck container.
  • A union worker who fell backwards from a suspension scaffold and hurt his back was awarded a jury verdict of $11,899,468.
  • Settlement for an injured worker of $11,000,000
  • A worker who fell five storeys from a hanging scaffold was awarded $10,000,000 in settlement following a jury decision.
  • Settlement of $9,900,000 for a union worker who went from a mobile scaffold while attempting to descend it using its side frame without a ladder.
  • $9,825,000 is the jury’s award for a worker who plunged 15 feet from a collapsed scaffold.
  • A mason worker who slipped over the edge of the building’s flooring structure and plummeted about 25 feet (two storeys) to the sidewalk below received a jury verdict of $9,360,000.
  • A union dock builder received a jury award of $7,986,908 for injuries sustained at work when a four-ton steel block swung and crushed his foot.
  • A union crane operator received a $6,000,000 settlement after falling 13 feet from a fixed ladder to the platform below.

Knowing Your Rights in New York After a Construction Accident

best accident lawyer


In America, the construction and building trades provide a living for millions of devoted men and women. People in a variety of trades, such as electricians, carpenters, iron workers, labourers, masons, painters, sheet metal workers, and plumbers, support themselves and their families from these jobs that are so crucial to our nation’s growth and success, whether they are working on residential projects, commercial high-rises, or government infrastructure projects.
New York has unique rules in place to safeguard construction and building employees due to the crucial nature of these professions.

When a construction worker is hurt at work, they may have a variety of ways to pursue financial recompense for their losses:

In order to receive compensation for their pain and suffering, medical costs, lost earnings, and benefits, a worker may be able to file a personal injury case against a contractor or the owner of the building site. Even if the owner or contractor had nothing to do with your injury, you can frequently still pursue this.
Additionally, a worker hurt on the job in a construction accident may file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits to help pay for medical costs and some missed income.
Depending on their age, injuries, and other circumstances, the worker may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability payments if an accident on the job site renders them unable to work.
We handle all three of these cases at The Perecman Firm and advocate on behalf of construction workers hurt in avoidable accidents every day. Let us use our expertise and experience for your benefit.
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Under Sections 240(1), 241(6), and/or 200 of the NY Labour Law, you might be eligible to file a case against the owner, general contractor, and other contractors or businesses if you were wounded in a construction accident.
According to Labour Law 240(1), sometimes known as the “Scaffold Law,” certain employees may bring claims against site owners, contractors, and their representatives for mishaps involving falls from heights (such as those involving ladder or scaffold falls), falling items, and other gravity-related occurrences. The workers engaged on the building site must get the appropriate protection, as required by law, from these firms and enterprises. Even if the owner and contractor had nothing to do with your specific job or your injury, you are still allowed to file a claim.
Workers may bring claims against contractors, owners, and their representatives under Labour Law 241(6) if the New York State Industrial Code has been broken in a certain way. This rule frequently includes mishaps including trip and falls, slide and falls, electric shocks, unsafe machinery, some demolition mishaps, scaffold mishaps, crane mishaps, and several more mishaps. This rule allows you to file a case against the owner or contractor even if they had no direct participation in your job or accident.
Workers may bring legal action against businesses under Labour Law 200 if they fail to offer enough and reasonable protection to workers on building sites. It resembles a case of carelessness.
Workers’ compensation payments do not often cover pain and suffering or fully compensate for additional damages, such as lost wages or benefits, making this information crucial for those who sustain injuries on construction sites.
It is crucial that you speak with a New York City construction accident lawyer to determine whether you have a case because not all job site accidents permit hurt employees to file a claim.
What Sorts of Restitution Am I Entitled to Receive?
Damages are the several kinds of losses that can be claimed in a lawsuit in order to receive compensation.
There are specific categories of damages that you are allowed to seek in a lawsuit for a construction accident. These consist of:
  • the anguish of both the body and the mind
  • lost salaries, earnings, and fringe benefits in the past and future
  • current and future medical costs
  • In severe circumstances, punitive damages
What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?
If you sustain an injury while carrying out routine employment duties in New York, you may be able to make a claim for workers’ compensation.
The advantages offered by workers’ compensation may consist of:
  • full payment of medical bills
  • reimbursement for a portion of lost wages
  • Death advantages
You are still eligible for workers’ compensation payments even when there is carelessness present, whether it was your fault or that of your employer.
Identifying Who Is Responsible for a Construction Accident
The first thing a lawyer managing your construction accident case has to determine is “liability,” which is the legal term for the question of who is accountable. Fortunately, New York has specific rules protecting construction workers that provide you the right to hold owners, contractors, and their representatives accountable for the safety and welfare of their employees even if they had nothing to do with your accident.
This is crucial because various types and quantities of insurance coverage held by owners, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, and other businesses operating on construction sites may influence your ability to receive fair compensation for your harms and losses.
It might be challenging to determine precisely who needs to be held accountable for each specific construction catastrophe. It is advisable to leave your case in the hands of a skilled and competent New York City construction accident attorney.
To begin, give us a call or send us an online message. Your first consultation is without charge.

How long do I have to submit a claim for a construction accident?

You have three years in New York from the time of your accident to initiate a personal injury claim against a private company or individual. To make a workers’ compensation claim, you have two years. You have two years from the date of the death to bring a wrongful death claim if a loved one was killed in a construction accident.
The time constraints are substantially shorter if your personal injury or wrongful death claim is against a municipal body, and you will often need to serve a Notice of Claim on the municipality within ninety (90) days of the accident.
In the immediate aftermath of an accident, these deadlines can seem far away, but you should always speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn the applicable statutes of limitations for your prospective claim or lawsuit. To preserve evidence and start putting your claim for compensation together, a tonne of legal work must be done right away. You will do better if you contact a reputable New York City construction accident lawyer as soon as possible.
Construction accident data for New York City
One of the largest cities in the world, New York, constantly has construction going on in one of the five boroughs. Although these projects provide a large number of employment, they also frequently lead to accidents, many of which leave workers with astronomical medical expenses, missed wages, and excruciating agony.
Here are some noteworthy figures about accidents involving construction in New York:
  • According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), 17 of the 59 fatal workplace accidents that occurred in New York City in a recent year were connected to incidents involving construction, extraction, or maintenance. That represents around 29% of the fatal workplace injuries for that year. 
  • According to the BLS, 53 fatal construction and extraction injuries occurred nationwide in that same year.
  • According to BLS statistics, there were around 10,400 nonfatal construction injuries in a recent year. 
  • This includes over 7,400 instances in which wounded workers were forced to skip work, switch employment, or work under tight medical supervision.
  1. Both New York State and New York City have roughly the same number of deadly construction accidents. In a recent year, New York City had a mortality rate of 10.0 fatalities per 100,000 residents, compared to 10.5 deaths per 100,000 residents for New York State.
  2. In NYC and across the state, falls are the main factor in fatal construction accidents. According to the NYCOSH study, during a ten-year period, falls were responsible for almost 48% of all construction-related deaths statewide. Falls caused 64% of the fatal construction injuries in New York City in a single year.
  3. Construction deaths and injuries are more common in non-union job sites. NYCOSH discovered that 86 percent of the construction workers who died at private job sites statewide were not union members when they examined 23 OSHA investigations from a recent year. Nearly 79 percent of the workers who lost their lives at private workplaces in New York City were not union members.
  4. According to the NYCOSH research, Latino construction workers are more likely to die on the job. Although Latinos make up 10% of the workforce in the state, they account for 18% of all workplace fatalities.
  5. According to the NYCOSH research, older employees are more prone to have fatal workplace accidents. The most common age group in the state where workplace fatalities occur is 55–64, followed by 35–44.
  6. Although OSHA fines for deadly construction accidents are rising, they are still too low to have much of an impact. The average OSHA penalties for a fatal construction accident, according to the NYCOSH study, was $44,779 for one recent year. For that year, the maximum fine was $300,370.
  7. According to studies by NYCOSH, OSHA inspections at work locations have dramatically decreased over the previous few decades. After reaching a record of over 13,000 inspections in 1987, there were only approximately 4,000 inspections in one recent year.
We handle cases involving all kinds of construction accidents.
  1. Building collapses
  2. Cement and concrete burns
  3. Chemical exposure
  4. Construction site car accidents
  5. Construction site trip-and-falls
  6. Crane accidents
  7. Accidents caused by defective or unsafe equipment
  8. Demolition accidents
  9. Electrocution
  10. Elevator accidents on construction sites
  11. Eye injuries on construction sites
  12. Falls from scaffolds and other heights
  13. Faulty safety equipment
  14. Forklift accidents
  15. Fires and explosions
  16. Hand and power tool accidents
  17. Hoist accidents
  18. Ladder falls
  19. Machinery accidents
  20. Scaffolding accidents
  21. Site debris accidents
  22. Struck by falling objects
  23. Toxic exposure
  24. Trench collapse accidents
  25. Weather-related construction accidents
  26. Welding accidents
  27. Window washing accidents
  28. Roofing accidents

Construction Accident FAQs

Can I receive additional benefits after a construction injury besides workers’ compensation?
Yes, frequently. Although workers’ compensation regulations forbid you from directly suing your employer, you might be able to do so under the New York Labour regulations or against third parties such equipment manufacturers if you were injured while working on a construction site. Your ability to receive additional compensation for pain and suffering, complete lost income and benefits, future medical costs, and other losses that workers’ compensation does not cover may be aided by filing a personal injury claim.
When should I see a lawyer after a construction accident?
We can begin building your case as soon as you engage a New York personal injury lawyer. The quantity of information we can gather to support your claim may be seriously hampered if you wait too long. Delaying action on your case might have a detrimental effect on the amount of damages you are able to obtain in light of the little period of time you have to take legal action in court.
Remember that insurance firms handle hundreds of cases annually and have extensive negotiation experience. You can seek the best result during these talks with the assistance of a NYC construction accident lawyer.

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