How To  Make a Car Accident Claim

Car Accident Claim

If you or a family member has been involved in a road traffic accident, our team of specialized solicitors can assist you in obtaining the necessary rehabilitation and compensation to which you are entitled. Monthly, our team receives inquiries from individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of an accident that was not their fault.


What steps should be taken if one finds themselves involved in a car accident or any other type of road accident?

Regardless of whether you are the driver or a passenger, it is crucial to adhere to the following guidelines if you find yourself involved in a car accident.


Failing to stop after an accident is considered a violation of the Road Traffic Act. In cases where the accident results in injury or vehicle damage, it is necessary to provide your name, address, and vehicle registration number to any party that possesses ‘reasonable grounds’ to request this information. This may include the other driver, their insurance company, or the police. It is important to note that if the driver is not the vehicle owner, the owner’s name and address must also be provided. Additionally, you must report the accident to the police within 24 hours and inform your insurance company, even if you do not intend to file a claim.


If anyone sustains injuries, it is imperative to immediately call

for an ambulance and notify the police.

It is worth mentioning that the police may not always be present at the scene. If you believe the other party is at fault, you may need to adopt a somewhat detective-like mindset, which can be challenging when feeling overwhelmed and upset.


While most individuals remember to exchange contact details with the other parties involved, it is advisable to take photographs of all number plates and vehicles to ensure accuracy. This precautionary measure can prevent potential disputes with insurers insisting that you have misidentified a vehicle.

If feasible, gather witness particulars and record the accident’s specifics, including the precise time, date, exact location, and weather conditions. The cameras on our mobile devices are perfectly suited for this purpose.


Should you choose to proceed with a personal injury compensation claim, this information will prove invaluable. Nonetheless, please do not hesitate to file a claim if you are worried about lacking all the required information. A seasoned personal injury attorney will adeptly acquire all the necessary particulars.

In summary:

  • Record the relevant information of the other involved party on the scene, such as their name, address, telephone number, insurance particulars, and vehicle registration number.
  • Promptly notify the police of the incident. If circumstances prevent immediate reporting, ensure you personally visit a police station at the earliest opportunity to report the accident and obtain a police reference number.
  • Collect information from all additional parties involved and any witnesses present.
  • Communicate with your own insurance providers.

What type of car accident can I claim for?

Pedestrians crossing the road are afforded strong legal protection. In this country, there is no offense known as “jaywalking.” However, if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle at traffic lights, on a crossing, or another location where they should have been visible to oncoming traffic, it is likely that the vehicle user bears some degree of responsibility.

Car Passenger Claims

There will typically be a claim arising from this situation since road accidents are consistently the result of someone’s negligence, and the car passenger, by contrast, will be an innocent party.

Hit and Run

If the accident involved a hit-and-run incident or if the other party does not have insurance coverage, the case can still move forward. However, instead of being handled by an insurance company, it will be addressed by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).
Nearly all motorized road vehicles are required to have insurance coverage. As a result, most claims arising from road accidents are directed towards motor insurers, who bear the responsibility of providing compensation and covering costs in successful cases.
Uninsured cases are treated similarly to other personal injury claims, but the MIB operates a distinct scheme specifically designed for hit-and-run cases. Under this scheme, court proceedings are not permitted, and there are specific rules in place regarding eligibility, procedures, and costs.

No Win No Fee Auto Accident Insurance Claims

Your claim will be funded on a No Win, No Fee basis, ensuring that you are not required to make any upfront payments. Additionally, in the event that your claim is unsuccessful, there will be no financial obligations on your part.

When you contact us to discuss your claim, our team of personal injury lawyers will provide a comprehensive explanation of the funding process. They will also outline the details regarding any payments that may need to be deducted from your compensation.

Are there any time restrictions for filing a claim for compensation in the event of a road accident?

The time frame within which a road traffic accident claim can be made is three years. This implies that court proceedings need to be initiated within a period of 3 years from the date of the accident. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the case, there may be varying time limits, and it is at the court’s discretion to extend them. Our legal team will address these details during your initial free consultation when you contact us.

London Car Accident Lawyers

Osbornes Law specializes in personal injury claims for compensation. We boast a sizable team of highly skilled solicitors, who are independently accredited, dedicated to handling road traffic accident claims across the UK, including London.
Our legal teams consist of car accident lawyers who possess a high level of fluency in multiple languages. These languages include Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, and Spanish.

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