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At Rodi Pollock Pettker Christian & Pramov, ALC, we represent both acquiring companies and target companies in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Effectively structuring an acquisition calls for attorneys with multidisciplinary experience. Our lawyers have significant experience in corporate law, tax law, securities law and other legal areas that come into play in mergers and acquisitions. Our merger and acquisition lawyers in Los Angeles can provide you with the skilled legal guidance you need for this complex business law matter.

Representing Buyers And Sellers In Mergers And Acquisitions

We assist buyers and sellers with every aspect of mergers and acquisitions, including the following:

Letters of IntentDue Diligence ReviewAsset AcquisitionsStock AcquisitionsTax-deferred ReorganizationsSection 338 and 338(h)(10) ElectionsTailored Purchase Price Adjustment MechanismsSeller and Third-party FinancingForeign Assets, Subsidiaries and CompaniesS-Corp, LLC and Partnership Acquisition TechniquesSpecial Asset TransfersCreative Payment and Consideration StructuresHart-Scott-Rodino ComplianceLeveraged Buyouts and RecapitalizationsContingent Purchase Price MechanismsEarnouts

We are skilled negotiators equipped to draft, review and negotiate complex business contracts. Our attorneys handle every transaction with the utmost care and attention to detail, an approach that can identify potential problems before they stall a sale or prove costly in the future.

In addition to buyers and sellers, we represent other participants in mergers and acquisitions, including owners, board members, employers, lenders and more.

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Our attorneys represent clients in Los Angeles, Pasadena and throughout Southern California, handling matters ranging from business formation to litigation and dissolution. If you are seeking experienced business law guidance.

Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys

A lawsuit can be a costly setback, grinding operations to a halt and putting capital at risk. When you are faced with a business dispute, it is vital to consult promptly with attorneys who know how to resolve suits in a favorable, cost-effective manner.

Case management is the key to a successful litigation practice, and the trial lawyers of Rodi Pollock emphasize that approach. At the outset, we review the facts and law pertinent to a case, the merits of the client’s position and the projected fees and costs. In doing so we attempt to evaluate the merits of the client’s position and the alternative approaches to resolving the conflict.

We offer our clients extensive trial experience, including jury trials. We appear regularly in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and before arbitration tribunals and administrative agencies in a wide range of substantive areas. We have found that through superior trial preparation and focus we can achieve an excellent pretrial settlement or, after a trial, a verdict or decision in our client’s favor.

Most cases ultimately are settled before trial because our client (or the client’s adversary) wishes to avoid the uncertainty, the financial and emotional drain, and the disruption to business of extended litigation. Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution increasingly required by the courts, is often the forum for such settlements. Our trial lawyers participate in mediations representing our own clients or serving as settlement officers mediating the disputes of others. Our experience on both sides of the mediation table has been very valuable in our representation of our clients in that forum.

When review by a higher court is required, Rodi Pollock lawyers have the skills and background necessary for appellate matters. Our lawyers have the writing ability and oral advocacy skills necessary to correct a trial court result, or to preserve a well-earned trial court victory.


Rodi Pollock lawyers possess a wide range of skill and expertise. We have handled business and commercial disputes of all sizes and types, including in the following areas:

  • Breach of Contract (including related fraud claims)
  • Corporate and Securities (including shareholder disputes, derivative actions, claims against directors and officers, and business dissolutions)
  • Real Property (including leasing, real property rights, sales contracts, fraud, boundary and title disputes, and partition actions)
  • Trade Secret, Unfair Competition and Business Torts (including misuse of information by former employees, unfair business practices, interference with contract and prospective economic advantage)
  • Employment (including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, employee classification, and overtime)
  • Trust and Estate (representing corporate and individual fiduciaries, as well as beneficiaries and heirs)

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Whether you face a commercial dispute in Glendale or any business dispute in California, our attorneys are here to protect your rights and interests.

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